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Photography & Film Permits

To apply for filming in downtown Calgary, click the link below:

Click here to apply for a permit with Calgary Economic Development.

All film companies must be registered with the Calgary Economic Development, and have been issued a CED Permit to Film. This permit, along with evidence of insurance coverage, Personal Liability and Property Damage at limits not less than Two (2) Million Dollars and must be submitted prior to approval.

Are you looking to use Downtown Calgary’s two pedestrian malls – Stephen Avenue – for fashion photography, commercials, films or television? With turn of the century buildings and modern skyscrapers existing side by side, Stephen Avenue and Barclay Mall provide a wide range of excellent photographic opportunities. Other advantages include: four distinct seasons, 16 hours of daylight in the summer, an abundance of sunshine year-round, easy accessibility and a diversity of images.

Contracts for the commercial shooting of films, video, photography and other creative industries on Stephen Ave shall be reviewed to assure the usage will not be abusive of our pedestrian experience or family friendly positioning. In addition to the location fee, Producers will incur any additional out-of-pocket expenses which may be the result of the shoot; including cleaning fees, additional security capped revenue loss for booked vendors, use of electricity etc. A cleaning/damage deposit is required in advance of shooting. For the filming of businesses and shops, permission from each tenant must be obtained in writing and negotiated separately.

The policies that govern the access to these two streets are managed by the Calgary Downtown Association. Filming must not in any way interfere with overall business, or public enjoyment of the Malls. In turn, any revenue generated from permit fees is re-invested into enhancing the vitality and character of the streets. We look forward to working with Producers for a win-win outcome.

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