Downtown Calgary


Photography & Film Permits

Whether you are looking to Stephen Avenue or Barclay Parade for fashion photography, commercials, films, or television, all film and photography companies require a permit.

Film companies must be registered with the Calgary Film Commission and have been issued a permit from them to film. The Commission will reach out to CDA for a Stephen Avenue permit extension if required by your project.

Click here to apply for a photography/film permit with Calgary Film Commission.

All filming and photography must be scheduled to preserve the pedestrian experience and ensure access to businesses. If fees are incurred (e.g., for removal of Avenue infrastructure, removal of trees, cleaning, repair of damage, etc.) they will be billed to the filming company through Calgary Film Commission. Any revenue generated from fees is re-invested into enhancing the vitality and character of the streets. All businesses in the filming area should be notified by the filming company and have had their permission obtained as needed.

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