Downtown Calgary

Gaurav Kapoor Live!

Aug 09

8:00 pm–9:15 pm

608 1 St SW

Gaurav Kapoor, the funny one from Delhi is coming to Canada for the first time. One of the funniest and most prolific stand-up acts of the recent times, Gaurav Kapoor's Vlogs have created a fan base of their own. 1M+ on YouTube, 400K+ on Insta, an IMDB 8.2 rated special on Amazon Prime, Gaurav has proven year after year that he is funny and relatable across all formats. His massive live shows and regular VLogs are making him a household name. His journalism degree and retail job experience now seem like stories from another life, but Gaurav claims he still remembers all the keyboard shortcuts, just in case. Nothing is off limits when this Dilliwala talks about life, relationships, friendships, societal norms, the rich and the poor and everything in between. Raw, unfiltered, and funny. That's what audiences can expect when Gaurav Kapoor gets on the mic.

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