Downtown Calgary

Stephen Avenue Master Plan

by Calgary Downtown Association

Stephen Avenue Walk is an iconic Calgary pedestrian destination that has been a downtown beacon for many years. While walking along the Avenue you can enjoy unique shopping, restaurants and experiences found nowhere else in the city.  It is also a historic destination, containing the highest concentration of historic buildings in the entire city. It’s a cultural hub, connecting Calgarians and visitors with some of the city’s most prominent cultural facilities.

 In partnership with the City of Calgary, Gehl Studio was hired to look at creating a refresh for the entire length of Stephen Avenue, from 11 Street S.W. to its terminus at Olympic Plaza. Gehl Studio’s work will focus on extending the energy and liveliness of the pedestrian mall westward; creating opportunities for private investment and redevelopment; and creating short and long-term improvement strategies that can be implemented over time to make Stephen Avenue better for Calgarians and visitors.

 You can find out more information on the City of Calgary website by clicking here.

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