Downtown Calgary
Magenta-shifted view of Calgary skyline.


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The pandemic has had an impact on cities everywhere, disrupting the way we work, live and build, turning downtowns and main streets into ghost towns.

But the question isn’t if or when we return downtown, but rather how. How will we reconnect with each other to collaborate and innovate? How can we use space to foster innovation if we can’t gather and meet like we used to?

That’s why we’re building 1M - a platform to amplify and accelerate hundreds of small ideas, experiments, and projects that help reconnect people to our downtowns and main streets. 1M is about boosting connectivity at a micro-neighbourhood scale, building momentum one million sq ft at a time.

Subscribe to the neighborhood. Invest in area businesses and services. Reconnect to local meetups, classes and experiences. Rediscover everything that our downtowns have to offer.

With 1M, what could you do with a million square feet downtown?

1M was made possible thanks to the Council Innovation Fund.

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