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Business Spotlight: Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown

by Calgary Downtown Association

Calgary Downtown Association: What is your position & how long have you worked with Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown?

Devin Rigaux: I manage Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown and Bar Annabelle next door. I worked for the company for two years until 2016, and then came back this year in July.

CDA: When did Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown open?

DR: After 12 years, we rebranded Blink as Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown and the restaurant opened on July 24th, 2020!

CDA: What do you love about running a business in Downtown Calgary?

DR: I love that we have long-time regulars from before our rebranding, people who have been coming for years! And I love the sense of community among our neighbors.

CDA: What is your favorite menu item at Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown?

DR: I'm a really big fan of the Beautiful Girl pizza, I think it's underrated. The Prosciutto Wrapped Sea Bass is also excellent!

CDA: Can you share a bit about some of the challenges you’ve faced through the pandemic and how your business pivoted?

DR: We are getting creative with alternative ways to reach our guests. We are on Doordash now, we're offering catering (even for smaller groups), and selling our fresh pasta and chili oil. We hope to expand to sauces and more this fall!

CDA: Is there anything specific that you would like our readers to know about your business?

DR: We have lots of vegetarian options that are super delicious and interesting! We also do a great happy hour - $7 wines by the glass, Peroni and Aperol Spritz, and half off pizzas!

Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown
111 8th Ave SW
Tuesday - Thursday 11:30am - 9pm
Friday 11:30am - 10pm
Saturday 3pm - 10pm 

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