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BUMP + Downtown Calgary: Your guide to this year's murals

by Calgary Downtown Association


Originally focused on lettering and Wildstyle, ASTRO’s developed his technique into abstract work by mixing curves, calligraphy and dynamic shapes. He’s created his own signature world by exploiting shadows and light, the strength of color, and depth perspective. (

Location: Watermark Tower (Western Facade) - 530 8th Ave SW, Calgary AB


birdO is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. His geometric wildlife pieces can be found around the world, and his approach focuses on awareness of the surface and studious preparation with regard to local culture and surroundings. (

Location: 441 5th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Cassie Suche & Rhys Farrell - The Combinatory Connection of Convergence

Cassie Suche and Rhys Farrell are contemporary Calgarian artists whose abstract and illusory works have spread across the globe. Joining forces for the first time, their signature styles thrive in both their similarities and differences.

“The Combinatory Connection of Convergence” is a series of large scale paintings created by Cassie Suche and Rhys Farrell. The artists activate the surfaces with a variety of colours, shapes and patterns to create a bright and inviting space.

Both artists approach the walls with distinct artistic methodologies. Farrell’s artistic style uses intersecting and overlapping geometric opaque shapes while Suche’s works emphasize organic movement and mark making. The paintings together create a series of visual relationships with both striking similarities and sharp contrasts. (

Location: Back alley behind 115, 123, 125, 127, 129 7 Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Emily Beaudoin - Assiniboine Meadows

Emily Beaudoin has always been irresistibly drawn to the mountains for their complexity, colours, abundance of life and beauty. She spends her time hiking, skiing, biking, and paddling into the backcountry in order to paint her experiences.

“For me, the mountains are places full of magic, colour, wind and light. They have tested humans for centuries, both physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and I am constantly humbled when I spend time with them. At a first glance, they may appear unmovable, invulnerable and stoic, but the harsh reality is that they are suffering just as much as we are from the effects of climate change. Glaciers have receded at astonishing rates over the last hundred years, native plants and animals are running out of habitat as temperatures climb, and forest fires rage across the landscape.

I aim to use my time spent exploring and painting these places as a witness to changing and vanishing landscapes, to create a window into these endangered places for the public, and to share the sense of connection and stewardship I feel for the mountains. We can’t take these places for granted, and the first step is to experience them as they are now, whether that is in person or through art.” (

Location: 120 8 Ave SW, Calgary AB

STARE - Ahead

Aerosol artist STARE's audacious and electrifying style has literally marked the face of his native Montreal and beyond. His ever-evolving approaches to urban art amplify his chosen canvases while retaining the essence of their identity.

“In my work, glyphs are treated as autonomous entities that defy their usual structures. Sketches, textures, shadows, lines and outlines become fundamental elements of the Composition.

In this case, I am exploiting the length of the wall to create a horizontal motion. This piece is inspired by the materials and textures of the structure itself as well as the surrounding area’s luminosity.

Colorwise, the mural interacts with the architecture, creating a dialogue with the palette of its surroundings, through a contextual approach that mindfully seeks balance of tones and contrast to blend this large work with subtlety in the environment.” (

Location: 839 5th Ave SW & 840 6th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Tiffany Lynn Cuffley - First Frost

Tiffany is a multidisciplinary artist with a performance art background. She’s a former Disney On Ice professional figure skater, and draws inspiration from exploring design, pattern, architecture and the geometry of movement.

“The wall for this piece was a huge source of inspiration as it has a geometric edge which leads into a large rectangular space. I was inspired by the wall having such a unique shape that resembled the mountains, which was a jumping-off point for this mural. Having components of both nature and architecture playing with each other, much like the city itself, felt true to the space and what the wall called for. Deeply inspired by movement and pattern the colours, shapes, and edges are explorations of structure and flow, and how they can play together harmoniously.” (

Location: 734 7th Ave SW, Calgary AB

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