Downtown Calgary

Laycock & Zasadny: Double Vision

Oct 29–Nov 16

2:00 pm–1:00 pm

100, 500-5th Ave SW

Two exciting and distinctive approaches to Alberta Landscape are visited and explored in this exhibition. While Laycock and Zasadny are both Landscape painters, each approaches landscape differently. Laycock is interested in captivating a defined and specific spot; memories of hikes and areas he has traveled and explored that mean something to him and are beautiful snap shots of moments in time that evoke memories by representation. Zasadny, while also captivated by places she hikes and frequents, is more interested in captivating the sense and feel of a location than exactly defining a location. Hence, her work is more ethereal in feel and nature, and the location is implied; an emotional response is the intended goal.

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100, 500-5th Ave SW

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street parking available on 4th street, directly in front of gallery, and on 5th ave SW. free parking on Saturday in same location
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