Downtown Calgary

Happified Live

Oct 26–Oct 29

7:00 am–7:00 am

Where art meets science. HAPPIFIED was conceived to counter the fact that many people do not regularly practice proactive brain health. This is compounded by a growing need for mental health services. As the pace of life is speeding up, people’s mental health is being challenged. HAPPIFIED will explore untapped and underserved markets for learning about proactive brain health.

Bringing together numerous years of research in neuroscience, positive psychology, human development, mental health training, life experience, and stylish F-U-N is behind the concept of HAPPIFIED. The name HAPPIFIED was inspired from the meaning of the word – to have made happy.

HAPPIFIED creates a place and the space to deliver a four-day virtual brain health symposium. The event will also be supported by a Happiness Market, which will be hosted at A Dose Of Happiness, 3rd level retail of Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary. HAPPIFIED brings together a collaborative community of experts who will present specialized knowledge and showcase products that spark joy and support proactive brain health.

Not available those dates? NO problem! The HAPPIFIED virtual portion of the event will be available to watch until November 10th, 2021. The happiness market can be experienced until December 23rd, 2021.

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